The time is the roaring 20s. The place is none other than New York, Long Island specifically. The who is pretty obvious. The what could be considered an obsession perhaps. The how is all about the Benjamins baby . . . money. The why is the same reason for so much in life, love. Many of us read this story in High School, but to be honest, I hardly remember a full sentence. What I do remember is that it is a good story written by a good author. After seeing this film, it just confirmed the fact. Now the movie is listed as an adaptation of the novel so it might not be exactly like it, although I would have to say that it does it justice. What a literary work it is. It is a love story and a tragedy. It is larger than life and grandiose, and yet takes you to the core of human passion and desire. In this film, the story is masterfully presented and displayed. The beautiful Art Deco style is rampant throughout along with the overall decadence of the era. This movie is truly a visual spectacle as it would need to be to properly bring this story to the big screen. The visual aspect is arguably the best aspect of the film. Now, there is some debate as to the use of 3D for this movie. Priscilla and I saw it in 3D and even though, sure, it made it a little more spectacular, we wonder if it is really necessary. We think it could have been just as good without it. Keep that in mind when you’re at the box office. Another part of the visual treat is the costumes/wardrobe. It wouldn’t surprise me if it gets a nomination. Oh yeah, and another thing, I love that font used in the title screens and posters.

So the star of the show is the visual, followed closely by the story. Coming in third in this tight race is the performances. Within that category, the star of the show is undoubtedly Leonardo DiCaprio. Leo was perfectly cast for this role. READ FULL THE GREAT GATSBY FILM REVIEW >>

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