OBLIVION Movie Review

If you’ve ever watched a sci-fi flick from any decade, you’ve pretty much seen Oblivion, which is penned by Karl Gajdusek (Trespass, 2011), Michael Arndt (Toy Story 3, 2010) and Joseph Kosinski (Tron: Legacy, 2011). Despite not seeming to be an original concept, by the seasoned director, it does bring a cool storyline and intriguing twist the sci-fi genre. Also with being at risk of presenting spoilers here, I’d say that this latest Tom Cruise effort seems to be a jigsaw-puzzle of many of the past decade’s blockbuster movies, such as the Matrix trilogy. Having said this, the success of this flick is in the presentation of these well worn and tested ideas and ultimately the exceptional display of craftsmanship, with all parties involved. 

Another appealing aspect to this flick is the principle lead. I generally go in to a Tom Cruise release with a tad bit of apprehension: be it the role of a rich vampire, rich industrialist or child of rich parents. This is especially true when he’s in roles where wealth, power and extraordinary skill-sets are his predominant character attributes. However, in Oblivion his presence works when stripped of much of the off-screen persona that made him a joke in the past several years. His playing Jack Harper as a reflective, lonely man gives the film a certain dynamic and gritty feel that normally would not be very convincing in many of his previous roles. READ FULL OBLIVION REVIEW >>


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