WARM BODIES Movie Review

Director Jonathan Levine (Love Bytes, 2005) makes the odd leap of stirring the Zombie genre with the Romance genre and Comedy genre. Now try rapping your mind around that mash-up! Well, in all respects it seems like he pulls it off with this eclectic combination of movie elements. Most of us are familiar with the idea that Zombies have been invading movies and televisions for decades, but few if any of those films or shows, has examined what it is like to be inside the hearts and minds of the undead. This premise is precisely the reason why Warm Bodies has relevance and offers a fresh take on the genre.

Fascinatingly, this latest Levine endeavor signifies that Nicholas Hoult (X-Men: First Class, 2011) has what it takes to carry a film on his shoulders, providing just the right balance of charisma and comedy under all of that zombie makeup. It’s really amazing how much emotion comes from his character despite his being a zombie/undead. What his character lacks in verbal communication he makes up for in witty internal monologue, sharing the trials and tribulations of his reality. His ability to convey emotion and communication is his superb iteration of the zombie character and is really what prevents the story from being too generic and too cheesy and simply allows this slightly silly story to work.  READ FULL WARM BODIES REVIEW >>


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