RED DAWN Movie Review

The 1984 release of the original Red Dawn has been well overdue for a remake. In my humble opinion, Hollywood seems to have remade just about everything else and some not as good as the original Red Dawn. This begs the question and one has to really wonder what took MGM twenty-eight years to come up with something of substance and relevance. I guess one could speculate that coming up with a decent adversary for the freedom loving world would be a bit difficult these days, considering the current state of geopolitics. Nevertheless what we have here, in this updated product, is nothing short of fantastic. If one can put aside the DOD (Department of Defense) blatant influence on the film (It certainly plays out like an extend infomercial for the Armed Forces), then one would certainly be entertained by this latest release. It oozes with shots of adrenaline packed patriotic rhetoric and nationalism, but in this case that’s not always a bad thing.

It’s worth mentioning that Dan Bradley’s (stunt coordinator and 2nd unit film director -Quantum of Solace) directorial debut resurrects this flick and it is a crowd-pleasing action thriller, by every sense of the term. The film essentially references loads of today’s war-time terminology and what we have come to know in mainstream psyche, such as “insurgency,” “EODs” and what-not… I guess in a sense these are just a few of the attributes that bring the concept of the flick out of the eighties and in to the twenty-first century and in good taste. It seems to have leveraged some of global hot buttons like the revulsion that exist between the US and North Korea (DPRK), etc. This in a sense adds to the film’s relevance. READ FULL REVIEW


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