“The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2” Film Review

Yes there is and none newer than Bella Swan, or should I say Mrs. Edward Cullen. The love story, the adventures, and the glistening in the sunlight continue in this epic conclusion to the Twilight series and what a series it was. Recently we bid a sad farewell to Harry Potter and now we witness the ending of another hugely successful series, Twilight. Did I just mention those two in the same sentence . . . wow, please forgive me. Joking aside, the Twilight series has its share of avid followers and big time haters but if you take it for what it is and what demographic it’s meant for and appeals to, then you might realize that it’s not bad at all. These are well made movies about a love story with a twist, with a relatively talented cast, decent special effects, pretty good action and suspense, and a plot that will keep you tuned in. With this final episode, we get a good conclusion that satisfies. With adorable Renesmee in the picture now, we evolve from a powerhouse couple to a cute family. But what is Renesmee . . . human, vampire, both, neither? The story and plot are pretty good with good twists and turns and very good build up toward an epic battle that never . . . well, it’s epic. As the overall series reaches its peak, so does the action as you would imagine. With the involvement of a lot more vampires, we get the treat of seeing a lot more of these special gifts that they have. Special effects help with that aspect, and for the most part, they are pretty good. There are some moments of cheesiness in the special effects department though. Another aspect of the series that remains intact and peaks with this finale is the sexiness factor. Now that Edward and Bella are married and they are both vampires, well, you can imagine. And of course, there’s always Jacob. READ FULL REVIEW

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