Marvel’s The Avengers Movie Review

Under the general direction of Nick Fury, the Avenger Initiative is finally a reality. Finally! It was very much worth the wait. What a movie, what an adventure, what an experience! Sure The Dark Knight can easily be considered to be the best superhero movie ever made only to be equaled potentially by Dark Knight Rises, but damn this is the best for pure adrenaline rush and overall excitement especially watching all these nostalgic comic book characters working together. I always take my handy little notebook with me to take notes as I watch a screening. Well, this time it was almost pointless because I didn’t take a single note during the movie, partly because it was extra dark where I was sitting and mostly because my eyes were not coming off the screen. This film is fast, powerful, and uber epic. READ FULL REVIEW


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On DVD and Blu-ray January 17, 2017

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